Getting the Best Corporate Jet Rates

Getting the Best Corporate Jet Rates

Perhaps you need to pop down to New York for an important business meeting. Maybe you and your sweetheart want a romantic weekend getaway to ski in Vermont, or a small group of your friends want to travel to the excitement of Las Vegas. Often, the time it takes to fly with a commercial airline makes these trips difficult to arrange. However, chartering a private jet can make a dream a reality. But what should you know about corporate jet rates before booking?


Are All Charter Jet Companies the Same?


No. First of all, find a company that has experienced staff, well-trained pilots and a gold standard safety record. Be sure to find a company that owns and operates their own fleet, as many charter airlines book time on jets not being used by their owners. However, booking a seat on jets owned by corporations or individuals means you can be bumped off a flight.

Look for a company that is going to cater to your individual needs, offering you a comfortable and restful journey. 


Getting the Price Right

While flying on a private jet used to be prohibitively expensive, this kind of luxury travel can be surprisingly affordable and practical. The cost of travelling with a party of four or more can be comparable (or even less) than flying business class with a commercial airline. Many charter companies offer discounted fees for "empty leg” flights. These are seats that would otherwise go empty, if a plane is not filled or on a return flight.

Beware of companies that want a long-term commitment, up-front cash deposits or memberships. Many reputable companies offer one-off flights, letting you fly when you need to fly. 


Get a Quote

Unlike commercial airlines, small charter jet companies won’t advertise their rates, so you will need to get a quote. There are many variables that affect the cost of the flight. Some of the variables involved are:

  • Destination. Distance will determine the size of the aircraft you will need or if you will need to stop for refuelling.
  • Number of people.
  • Amount of luggage.
  • Departure time and date. If you fly during peak demand, rates may be higher.
  • Landing fees vary by airport, and depend on the size and weight of the aircraft.
  • Do you want the plane to wait for your return?
  • Overnight or ramp fees: when the aircraft is parked at the airport.
  • Catered meals, over and above the refreshments offered.

To avoid extra landing fees, it’s wise to have a local company service your needs. If you are flying out of Toronto’s Pearson Airport, an excellent option is the CATS (Charter Airline Transportation Services). This is a company that prides itself on personalized service, catering to each customer’s unique needs. CATS can arrange ground transportation at your destination, ready to go upon arrival, be it a chauffeured limo or a rental car. They can also arrange in-flight catering services, adhering to specific dietary needs or desires.

Which ever company you use, find one that is upfront about their corporate jet rates, revealing all costs. Make sure they understand your needs, and do their best to fulfill them.